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Subsequent to the Supreme Court of Tennessee Order no. ADM2020-00428, All in-person proceedings in all State and local Courts in Tennessee, including but not limited to Municipal, Juvenile, General Sessions, Trial and Appellate Courts, are suspended from the close of business March 13th, 2020 thru March 31st, 2020, subject to exceptions.

The Cocke County Circuit Court and the Cocke County Court House are working together to provide creative solutions to guarantee that your Justice System continues to function efficiently while following state guidelines to limit exposure to COVID-19.

Per the Supreme Court Order filed 3/13/20; Any State or Local rules that might otherwise impede the Judge or Clerk’s ability to utilize technologies is suspended until March 31st, 2020. See Tenn R. Civ. P. 43.01. Fax Filings, Email filings, Mail Filings Phone, Email and Fax Requests for documents will be graciously accepted in order to mitigate in person contact.

If it becomes necessary to close the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office during the period of suspension, we will remain accessible by telephone and email to the extent possible during our regular business hours.

If you had a court date within the suspension period, you must stay in contact with your Attorney.

The Cocke County Circuit Court has several non in-person services available to the Citizens of Cocke County.

For Case number and Court Date Reset Information:

To make Online Payments in Criminal and Civil Cases (NO Delinquent Taxes!):

Email Requests/ Filings:

Fax Requests/ Filings: (423) 625-3889